Tess Öner

BA(HONS) Graphic Design: Semiotics Project

Working with Amanda Franklin we were set the task to create a book of semiotics. You chose 5 topics from a list, which you were to create 10 icons, symbols or indexes for. The topics Amanda Franklin and I chose were: Communication, Power, Zone, Gender and Sight. We decided to make our book interactive, which has been a lot of fun to design.

It has been a really enjoyable project – my favourite so far! I have found it really interesting researching and making my own symbols. My Illustrator skills have advanced considerably, as have my InDesign. A lot of it has been through trial and error, but I’ve got there in the end. The images above are a few photos of layout sheets, pouch colours and a photo of the mock book printed on white paper. The finished version will be uploaded at a later date.